Your Tooth Replacement Options

Missing teeth can put a damper on your smile, as well as make simple tasks such as chewing, speaking, and brushing your teeth incredibly uncomfortable. Fortunately, here at the Midlothian office of Gerald L. and Debora Clark, DDS, we offer solutions for missing teeth so that you feel confident and comfortable. Here are some of the ways that we can help restore your smile:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular and permanent solution for filling gaps in your smile. At our Midlothian office, we will secure a metal post into your jawbone to create an artificial root to support a composite-made tooth. Colored and shaped to match your natural teeth, the artificial tooth will be affixed to the implant so that it is sturdy and effective. You will be able to chew and brush like normal with a dental implant, and the results are inconspicuous and attractive.


Dental bridges are another tooth replacement choice offered at our Midlothian office. This reconstructive dentistry method again uses an artificial tooth to replace your missing tooth, but in this case, it is directly supported by the teeth on each side. In addition to masking the gap in an attractive and undetectable manner, bridges make eating and dental hygiene practices easier.


Dentures are an option when you have many missing teeth. The base of your dentures will be gum-colored for a natural appearance, and fitted over the ridge that already supports your natural teeth. The suctioning effect will hold your dentures in place so they don't shift while you eat and talk.

Dentures take some getting used to, as they are not permanently affixed to your jaw bone. The staff in our Midlothian office can give you tips for adjusting to and caring for your dentures.

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Whether you elect to have dental implants, bridges, dentures, or another restorative option, you can be assured that our providers will send you home with a great smile. Call 972-775-2377 today to schedule a consultation.

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