How Dental Crowns Strengthen Damaged Tooth

Find out how a dental crown works to preserve damaged teeth for the long run.

Dental crowns are a simple and popular dental restoration that can preserve natural teeth and prevent further damage to ones that are dental crownsalready cracked, chipped or broken. Our Midlothian, TX, dentists, Drs. Gerald and Debora Clark, can re-strengthen your smile with help from dental crowns. Read on to learn how!

What is a crown?

A dental crown or cap is made from strong, reliable material such as porcelain or ceramic. Not only is this material designed to look just like real tooth enamel, but it is also strong enough to withstand the force of your jaws. This means that once a crown is placed over a damaged or weakened tooth, it will become nearly as strong as it was before it was damaged! After a crown is placed, you no longer have to worry about that faulty tooth.

When does a tooth require a dental crown?

It’s important to know when a dental issue needs immediate care from a dentist in Midlothian, TX. It’s necessary to get a dental crown if you have,

  • A tooth that is cracked, fractured or broken
  • A dental filling that can no longer fully support a tooth
  • A tooth that is significantly worn down and fragile
  • Severe flaws such as discolorations or a malformation that you want to hide
  • A missing tooth that you want to replace with a dental implant or a dental bridge (both of these tooth replacement options require a dental crown)

Whatever the specific issue might be, if you feel that your tooth is hurt, give us a call about it—a crown could possibly end up saving your tooth in the long run!

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